About Us

Robert “Rohit” Millstein


Rohit majored in Economics at the University of Chicago. After graduating at age 19 with both departmental and general honors, he joined First Boston Corporation (later absorbed by Credit Suisse) serving in various roles in Information Technology, Quantitative Equity Research and Equity and Convertible Bond trading.

He left Wall Street to co-found a software product company, Relay Communications, a few months after IBM began selling its first PCs. In addition to leading Relay as its President, Rohit used the experience gained at First Boston to manage the company pension fund and ultimately negotiate the sale of Relay to a then publicly traded company.

After a hiatus during which he undertook an in depth study of yoga, Rohit attended London Business School as a Sloan Fellow, graduated with distinction and joined the school’s venture capital firm working to create technology transfer startups with other University branches, primarily University College London and Kings College.

Upon returning to the US in 2002, Rohit created a low volatility investment fund. He then joined Fidelity Investments and after a brief stint there, moved to Texas for family reasons and founded Millstein Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, which manages, according to its latest regulatory filing as of December 21, 2019, $12.3m.

In his spare time, Robert is an avid yoga teacher and practitioner and spent six years as a Big Brother. He also fumbles around on the piano.